Rancang bangun Generator Asitilin Untuk Pengelasan Pelat Body Kendaraan

Dominggus G.H. Adoe, Rima Nindia Selan


Oxyacetylene Generator available in commercially has a price which is more expensive and has complicated construction workings. Therefore it is a necessary Oxyacetylene generator with a more simple construction made of materials that are easily obtainable and has a good safety factor and easy to operate. Oxyacetylene gas formation process which is not proportional to the strength of the materials used can result in damage of occurrence because it needs to be calculated the strength of the construction of the generator Oxyacetylene. This research used steel pipe with a diameter of 141.322 mm and a thickness of 9.7 mm and an overall length of 1510 mm. The maximum gas pressure that occurs Oxyacetylene 20.25 with the average voltage in the Oxyacetylene generator amounted to 60.65 N / m2. Test results indicate that the generator design asitelin result has been able to work well. From the test data showed that the length of the door frame welding Oxyacetylene generator is 93.31, while the welding length is 360 mm designed it can be said safely against the forces acting due to the pressure and stress that occurs in the Oxyacetylene generator still under stress and pressure of the material permits. With a force that will decide the generator cover amounting to 317,380.39 N Oxyacetylene declared safe to welding because σi = 125 N / mm2 greater than τ = 101.79 N / mm2. While the force will decide on the lintel of 317,380.39 N Oxyacetylene generator is declared safe to welding because σi = 125 N / mm2 greater than τ = 124.6 N / mm2.


Oxyacetylene welding, Oxyacetylene generator, strength of materials

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